Without SpreadsheetWEB, I would have spent tens of thousands of dollars on development to build the Coffee Break Financials system from scratch. It fits very well into the continuum of web-based application services that allow our users to work from anywhere—the office, at home or on the road. SpreadsheetWEB was like a gift from God in creating this system. I began building Coffee Break Financials in Visual Studio and Silverlight and I have experience with Great Plains software and Ruby open source. To develop this system on Ruby would have been at least $80,000 to $100,000, but with SpreadsheetWEB, I could convert from Excel to a web app literally in minutes. SpreadsheetWEB is the best kept secret for working with spreadsheets of any kind. And, the company is great to work with. They’ve been wonderfully responsive with follow up and helping me to develop the Coffee Break Financials system.

Tom Gorman

President and Principal, Entrepreneurial Design, Inc.


  • Critical Financial Expertise provider to entrepreneurs worldwide
  • Feasibility and Financial Model Analyzing Services for entrepreneurs
  • Developer of Complex Financial and Profitability Analysis Tools

Business Challenges

  • To reach entrepreneurs over web and allow them to run the Financial Tools by themselves
  • To publish various Models with same functionality and look-and-feel to the end users
  • Flexibility to be able to create presentation slides for the end users in a very short period of time


  • SpreadsheetWEB, as an Online Spreadsheet Converting Platform in a matter of minutes
  • Eliminating the need for any downloads, and workability with any kind of browsers from any location
  • Significant amount of time and money savings by not going with the custom application development direction


  • Took only 2 weeks for Coffee Break Financials to fully web-enable their financial tools.
  • Any changes in the models immediately got live with integrated password protection
  • Validated data entries with form controls support of SpreadsheetWEB safeguarding the data against unauthorized changes, deletions or scrutiny.
  • Exceptional simplicity allowed to collect immediate feedback and apply changes easily
  • Perfect match with the fast-paced world of investment and real-time compatibility of the technology.