Partin Appraisal Choose SpreadshetWEB to Convert Their Appraisal Tools into Web Applications That Can Be Executed on the Fly


The Challenge


Partin Appraisal is a family-owned and run business with considerable experience on residential appraisals. They have been operating in the Greater Houston Area since 1978, offering appraisal services and helping their clients meet their objectives.

One of the areas they serve, residential appraisal processes, can be very involved, consisting of several moving parts. Every customer’s case is unique, and requires the appraisers to do inspections.  Having access to the appraisal tools plays a key role in their success.


“We had a particular software designed by someone. However, they disbanded all their services and support. Our original tool was created in Excel, but if we kept using an Excel spreadsheet, it would be too easy to mess it up. We needed a way to make the application more user friendly.”

Robert Partin

Owner, Partin Appraisal

The Solution


Partin Appraisal had already built their tools in Excel, and have been improving them over the years. Since Excel is a platform they are familiar with, they had no reason to look elsewhere to create their business logic. However, their appraisers in the field required a more portable solution.​

Partin Appraisal brings the experience of countless customer success stories to the table, and they are experts in their field. However, they are not in the business of coding. Taking the custom code approach with their tools would have meant hiring a team of developers for this project, and also having an in-house IT team to maintain the applications and the server. Any change, no matter how small, would require them to contact their developers and prove to be a lengthy and costly process. In addition to this, they needed to push their tools into production as soon as possible, because their previous solution was no longer available.

SpreadsheetWEB proved to be the excellent solution for this specific business challenge with its ability to easily convert a workbook into a web application, and also allow business users to make changes very easily.


The Results


Partin Appraisal’s Allocation and Weighted appraisal spreadsheets were converted into mobile-enabled web applications in the span of a few days, and went into production very quickly.​

With the appraisal tools converted into web applications that can be accessed anywhere, from any device with a web browser, their appraisers can now work with even better efficiency and focus on what they do best.

Partin Appraisal’s business is in an ever-changing industry. It’s only natural that they’re going to keep improving and changing their tools. For this, they won’t have to hire an IT team to make these changes or provide support. All changes can be made easily through SpreadsheetWEB’s drag-and-drop style application builder.

“Business is all about the relationship. We’ve established a good relationship with the SpreadsheetWEB team in the beginning. We made our expectations and requirements clear. I look at the residual returns over time. If I’m doing a certain number of reports per months, I can easily justify the licensing costs of SpreadsheetWEB. The pricing structure is very reasonable. Every time there’s been an issue, the SpreadsheetWEB tech team was very quick to respond, even late in the day. we are very happy with the service and support we’ve received.””

Robert Partin

Owner, Partin Appraisal