Premium Analysis Uses SpreadsheetWeb to Build an Advanced Retirement Planning Model



The Challenge

The founder of Premium Analysis, Ray Gianantoni wanted to create a retirement planning model to test the validity of the 4% rule. As Ray began sharing his findings with close friends, he quickly realized the potential benefit of making this information more broadly accessible. He wanted to translate complex Excel spreadsheet models with Monte Carlo simulations into a web-based format, making it accessible to a broader audience.


"As I began sharing my findings with close friends, I realized it would be beneficial to make this information accessible to a wider audience. Consequently, I decided to create a website where people could utilize the model I had constructed and other tools I had previously utilized in my own business.".

Raymond Gianantoni

President, Premium Analysis, Inc.

The Solution

After searching online, Ray found SpreadsheetWeb. Having explored other options, but found them lacking in one way or another.

He realized SpreadsheetWeb was the best fit due to its superior interface with Excel and the ability to handle large and complex spreadsheets. SpreadsheetWeb made it easy for him to implement his Excel-based models into a web format. This advantage saved him the time and cost of learning new programming languages.



"I required a good interface with Excel since I often need to make adjustments and fine-tune it. I want to make subtle changes regarding data analysis, such as modifying certain mathematical aspects. If I can achieve that simply by editing an Excel spreadsheet and then downloading it, it's incredibly convenient. SpreadsheetWeb takes care of all the background processes; that's a godsend!"

Ray Gianantoni

President, Premium Analysis, Inc.

The Results

Turning his Excel-based tool into a web application with SpreadsheetWeb was relatively straightforward. Ray could build the application in about half an hour once he understood how the software works.

This quick turnaround was significant for Ray, showcasing SpreadsheetWeb's efficiency and user-friendly approach. In addition, the time and effort saved by using SpreadsheetWeb allowed Ray to concentrate on other crucial aspects of his project.


"I wanted to put an excel spreadsheet on the web, but I also wanted to make sure it was completely secure and error-free. Finally I decided to continue with SpreadsheetWeb. Once I figured out some of the software works, I was able to build my application in about half an hour. This application has only been operational for three days, but it has already gained traction. I have heard positive feedback, particularly regarding the unique spreadsheets I built, which heavily rely on Monte Carlo simulation. "

Ray Gianantoni

President, Premium Analysis