How Priority Management Group Saved Time, Effort and Money Using SpreadsheetWEB’s Technology to Create a Web-Based, Customer Facing, Reporting Portal


The Business Challenge


Priority Management Group, Inc. (PMG) offers a comprehensive array of services to health care organizations across the country. PMG has developed a national reach and in-depth understanding of payor and government regulations.

One of the services PMG provides to health care organizations is detailed reporting and claim management. This includes collecting data from various operators and call centers, as well as producing reports for their clients on a monthly basis.

In the past, their data analysis and report preparation was done manually and handled in Microsoft Excel. Using Excel gave them greater flexibility in creating those reports. However, it was a highly manual process and required hundreds of man-hours to produce individual reports for all of their clients. Distribution of those reports was another challenge. They could not ensure their clients always had the right version of Excel, nor they could ensure the security of those reports once they were sent to their clients. On top of that, they were responsible for handling all alterations to the data and reporting applications. This meant constant editing and reevaluation, ultimately leading to many versions of the same report. These reports would have to be sent every time a change was made, no matter how small.

PMG wanted a more scalable platform where they could continue managing their data in an Excel platform. However, they required a secure, web-based reporting system so that their clients would have the ability to log in with individual usernames and access their reports.


The Solution


SpreadsheetWEB (SSW) offered PMG a costeffective alternative approach to solving these issues. Using the SSW Excel add-in, PMG was able to keep their spreadsheets in their native system, making the process of learning SSW’s software module practically as simple as using Excel itself. The interface is extremely easy to manage and is very accessible to users with even a moderate Excel skillset, making updates to existing applications effortless and efficient. It also eliminated the need for constant retooling and rebuilding applications from scratch. New updates could simply be re-uploaded to the web, rather than haphazardly emailed.

Using the SSW Control Panel, PMG was able to create their applications and upload them to a server where they could be accessible without the necessity of carrying a hard copy of the files or constantly emailing new versions back and forth. SSW’s Control Panel also allowed PMG to create a hierarchy of users, setting restrictions on the viewing and editing privileges of their clients as well as their staff.

This facilitated the assimilation into SSW, removing the stressful and unnecessary time period in any company-wide software transition were data becomes compromised while the user privileges are being set. SSW contains a functionality that allows user groups to be formed based around certain privileges. Furthermore, certain data sets can be designated for use by only certain individuals, making the necessary workload and pending data analyses clear to the people responsible for the task.


The Results


Using SpreadsheetWEB, PMG was able to go live with their web-based reporting system in a matter of only few weeks, saving enormous amounts of time and money that would have otherwise accrued into quite a large sum. They not only brought their spreadsheets online, but they saved much effort and time that would have otherwise gone to waste.

“While searching for an online (web-based) spreadsheet solution, we stumbled across SpreadsheetWEB – what a find! Without SpreadsheetWEB, we would have wasted hours trying to manipulate, format and consolidate relevant data for our clients and potential customers. Not only did the product do most of the work for us, but it also created dynamic charts and graph to quickly look at and analyze KPI’s. As an added bonus, we are now able to aggregate data across all of our clients (with just a few clicks) to create performance baselines which allows our clients to see where they stand compared to others within their specified line of business. SpreadsheetWEB has literally saved us thousands of dollars in development time and I cannot speak highly enough about the product as well as the very responsive and receptive staff.”

Spencer Furey

Executive Director of Technical Services, Priority Management Group, Inc. (PMG)