SEIU 521 Enhanced Contract Impact Analysis with SpreadsheetWeb



The Challenge

SEIU 521, a union representing 53,000 diverse members across California, faces the intricate task of projecting wage changes stemming from complex contract negotiations. Relying on traditional spreadsheets falls short in illustrating these adjustments transparently and dynamically. The need for a comprehensive solution arises from the union's commitment to providing clear insights into potential contract impacts on individual wages. Navigating this multifaceted challenge required an innovative approach to bridge the gap between intricate calculations and accessible communication, motivating SEIU 521 to explore new platforms to address this critical issue.


"We needed to be able to illustrate how specific contracts will impact individuals. Rather than a challenge for our team, it's primarily about our capability to illustrate meaningful changes.".

Victor Gamiz

Communications Director, SEIU 521

The Solution

Faced with the complex task of visualizing contract impact on member wages, SEIU 521 embarked on a search for a solution. While HTML and plugins had limitations, their need to show online wage adjustments after contract signing led them to discover SpreadsheetWeb in 2018. The platform's ability to upload and dynamically present spreadsheet data seamlessly resonated with their diverse membership's requirements. The decision to adopt SpreadsheetWeb showcased the union's commitment to transparent communication and empowered their members with accessible insights, effectively transforming their challenge into a channel for enhanced transparency and engagement.



"We were interested in HTML, but found it unusable. I'm still learning to be an expert in efficiently transferring data to the Internet within the organizational context. Ultimately, we tried a plugin. I remember it being necessary because, to the best of my knowledge, running HTML code directly from a dedicated website wasn't feasible.".

Tyler Woodard

Campaign Researcher, SEIU 521

The Results

Adopting SpreadsheetWeb as a bridge between complexity and accessibility, they achieved impactful outcomes in streamlining communication and fostering autonomy. Despite the initial transition challenges, dedicated support from SpreadsheetWeb proved invaluable. Going live in just days in 2023 marked a milestone supported by responsive assistance. This transformation journey reflects their commitment to transparent communication, member well-being, and innovative problem-solving.


"We've received comprehensive guidance from your team on how to manage updates ourselves. While the instructions were thorough, we encountered some challenges when implementing them. We were cautious not to disrupt the integrity of our dataset. Overall, we intend to balance leveraging your exceptional support and developing the capability to manage certain updates autonomously."

Victor Gamiz

Communications Director, SEIU 521