How SpreadsheetWEB helps Reinsurance Management Associates to Develop Web Based Insurance Quoting Software without any Programming



Reinsurance Management Associates (RMA), Inc. serves clients in underwriting and administering insurance, reinsurance and retrocession business for a broad spectrum of life, accident and health risks RMA specializes in portfolio management of creditor insurance products covering a variety of risk classes, providing services for domestic and international creditor insurance business on behalf of various financially strong insurance companies.

RMA relied heavily on the use of spreadsheets to develop quoting tools for creditor insurance premiums. Although a powerful platform to build complex insurance premium quoting tools, the spreadsheet based approach presented significant challenges to version control of those very spreadsheets. The awesome responsibility to distribute and maintain updated versions to clients frequently for each occurrence of any change warranted the task as tedious and unpleasant. Inevitably, the process became unmanageable and consequently error prone as they had no control over which particular version of the quoting tool people were using.


The Solution


RMA licensed and installed SpreadsheetWEB on their servers. After the initial deployment, RMA users were able to turn current spreadsheet-based tools into fully functional web-based quoting applications without having to write a single line of code. The following is a partial list of SpreadshetWEB‘s capabilities that RMA benefits from:
- Elimination of the need to disseminate spreadsheets, only to send links created with SpreadsheetWEB
- Ability to make changes to spreadsheet models without having to issue new files or links to their users. The update process is completely transparent to their customers
- Full control over usage of applications by assigning and revoking customer accounts.
- Elimination of an unreliable, tedious and error prone method of spreadsheet version control to the end user.


The Results


With the deployment of SpreadsheetWEB platform, RMA business units are now empowered to generate new web-applications and update existing ones in a matter of hours without any IT support. The new system allows them to reduce costs associated with legacy processes for managing the insurance quoting process providing a superior return on investment.

“We use to develop spreadsheets as internal tools to verify premium calculations from the field. We then expanded the use of such spreadsheets for a select group of clients who also wanted it for internal use. After a while, the word spread that we had such a tool, and then everybody wanted it for production use. Prior to the adoption of the Pagos platform, we would have to send updated versions of the spreadsheets to all of our clients, every time we needed to make a change. It became very cumbersome, and we had no control over which version people were using. The Pagos tool removes all of that headache, and now we have full control over the users, the version they are using, and we can implement new versions without them even knowing. It’s a superb tool.” 

Ed Yeung

Director, Reinsurance Management Associates (RMA), Inc