Technology Finance Partners Developed a Sophisticated, Web-based ROI Tool for Their Client Using Only Excel and SpreadsheetWEB


The Challenge


Technology Finance Partners (TFP) specializes in improving the way leading enterprise companies sell their software. They are experts in designing value-based sales and marketing programs. TFP helps their clients prove to their customers and prospects that investing in their clients’ software is a sound financial decision. They build elaborate tools to help their clients prove the value of their work. Excel is their Swiss army knife.

“As a company, we tend to do most of our analysis using Excel. We think Excel is a magnificent business tool because of its flexibility, transparency, and ease of use. However, there are some advantages to building models and delivering them online, including access from any platform, the ability to aggregate data entered from various engagements, controlling access, and version control.”

Alex Corman

Principal Analyst , Technology Finance Partners

The Solution


TFP had been commissioned by a client to build an ROI model with specific requirements that were best suited to online delivery. They considered other options, such as custom coding their Excel model into a web application. However, their client in this project had strict timelines, and wanted to go live as soon as possible. The tool was already built in Excel, featuring a robust user interface.

Using an Excel-based platform to deliver this web application meant that TFP and their client could fully utilize their Excel expertise, while not compromising on the quality of the customer-facing product. The application could go live much faster than custom coding it, and SpreadsheetWEB proved to be the best solution for this challenge.


The Results


TFP was able to deploy and go live with their ROI tool in the span of a few weeks. The web application features a responsive design, meaning that it can be accessed from any device with a web browser. It also matches the style of the original application created in Excel very closely.


“I was impressed throughout, and extremely pleased with the service we have received, with the quality of the product that SpreadsheetWeb built for us. I thought it represented my company well, which I care a great deal about. We found SpreadsheetWeb to be responsive, attentive, and equally committed as we are in doing a great job for our clients.”

Alex Corman

Principal Analyst, Technology Finance Partners