WealthMakerCalculator Created an All-in-One Solution to Educate Everyone in Investing and Real Estate Analysis


The Challenge


Wealthmakercalculator is a company that aims to educate people of all ages in real estate investing. Real estate investments almost always involve large sums of money, and making the right decisions in such big investments can mean a big difference in how much wealth individuals can accumulate. For this, Salvatore Cavalieri and his team at Wealthmakercalculator has built an elaborate, all-in-one tool that points investors in the right direction.

With this, it is possible to compare US neighborhoods in over 15,000 ZIP codes, run in-depth analyses, and make sound investment decisions.

“We internally created an Excel workbook that we’ve been using for years, which consists of macros and a complicated calculation logic. We use this tool on a daily basis, and we wanted to make it available to other people, but Excel really is not the best tool for distribution.”

Salvatore Cavalieri

CEO, WealthMakerCalculator

The Solution


Wealthmakercalculator had already built their tool in Excel, and needed to find a secure, streamlined, and centralized way to distribute this tool to their clients.

The Wealthmakercalculator team has over 500 closings worth of real estate experience under their belt, and they are providing consultancy services to numerous clients.  They aim to educate people as early as possible in the process of investing for the long term, rather than the short term. However, they are not coding experts. Since they frequently use Excel on a daily basis, they’ve decided to build this tool on Excel.

They would have to hire a team of developers and testers for developing this tool as a web application, and maintaining it in the long term. This would have proven to be a very costly and time-consuming endeavor. SpreadsheetWEB’s modular, easy-to-build, and user-friendly platform ticked all the boxes.


The Results


The Wealthmakercalculator was transformed into a web application that can be accessed from any device with a web browser, and can now help everyone make educated decisions with their money. The end product is a web application that allows users to save their analysis, and compare their results with the rest of their portfolio. They can take pictures directly from their mobile devices and attach them in the tool on the fly.

The Wealthmakercalculator tool can compare the data from thousands of neighborhoods, but naturally, this information is always changing, just like the real estate landscape. Since the web application is based on the Excel model, Wealthmakercalculator can make any changes to the underlying data with ease, and modify the application look-and-feel however they like as the tool matures even further. The Excel tool became a fully functional web application within the span of a couple weeks.


“This was like going to the right doctor and getting prescribed the right medicine. The time value of money was the best return I’ve seen in terms of web development for this kind of a project. The Excel expertise, knowledge in web technologies, and flexibility of the SpreadsheetWEB team was extremely valuable. The speed at which the project was deployed and went live was impressive.”

Salvatore Cavalieri

CEO, WealthMakerCalculator