If you are asking the question “What is No-Code”? You will find the answer in this article.

In our daily life, nearly everything is powered by code. We can give some common examples like searching on the internet, posting things on social media, shopping on our favorite e-commerce sites even driving cars or air conditioning our apartments are possible with programming...... What makes all of these possible is programming. Now, imagine developing complex websites, mobile applications, landing pages, and automate workflows without having to know coding; Sounds too good to be true? All of these are possible with No-Code.

No-Code is not a new concept. No-code development is a type of programming which non-developers and developers build with visual logic instead of writing lines of code. It can be said that the No-code is simply an abstraction layer over code. It takes the fundamentals of code and translates them into simple solutions that allows people to build websites and applications visually.

If we go a little further back in time, companies have been using computers since the 60s and 70s, but not everyone had the ability to use computers. in the 80s, although, people met with personal computers (PCs), there was still a need for technical information to use them. With the release of Microsoft Excel in 1985, people started to be able to write memos, crunch data and create graphics without having any programming knowledge. Microsoft Excel was the closest tool to get people to “create without code” with its flexibility and versatility. For this reason, we can also say that Microsoft Excel has led to the emergence of No-Code platforms. At the end of the 90s, with the internet revolution, new programming languages emerged and companies were introduced to creating their own websites. For companies that manage their operations with Excel, the need to open up to the Internet has arisen, and No-Code tools have become life savers.

Nowadays, No-Code tools and platforms allow businesses to create applications simply by dragging and dropping elements inside a user interface and creating workflows from there. It makes software development more accessible to people who do not have a technical background and give an opportunity to anyone to bring their ideas into life. In other words, the No-Code approach removes the obstacle of having to have programming knowledge to create something.

No-code platforms give businesses the opportunity to accomplish more in less time with less cost, regardless of their level of expertise which helps them to become more productive, agile, and cost-efficient.

No Code platforms can be divided into different branches according to their usage purposes. One of those branches can be considered as the tools which offers solutions that helps businesses move their spreadsheets to the web platform without any coding. SpreadsheetWeb is one of these platforms.

SpreadsheetWeb was designed to give businesses the ability to turn their spreadsheets into full-blown web applications, including complete support for the spreadsheet’s calculations and a variety of extensible features such as customizable user interface design, database integration, and forms generation.

With SpreadsheetWeb, companies can take their business operations to next level while still maintaining their Excel formulas and information, and easily overcome some of the challenges posed by Excel while protecting sensitive proprietary logic from end users.