When you copying data from an external source, more often than not, you'll get the entire data stuffed into a single column. This is rarely how you want to see data in Excel, as the whole point behind using spreadsheets is to be able to manipulate and analyze data without fuss. Let us show you how to split cells in Excel and manage your data easily using the Text to Columns feature.


How to split cells in Excel

Text to Columns feature dialog presents various options about how you want to slice your data. You can define data types, in addition to how you want to slice the columns.

  1. Begin by selecting your data.
  2. Click the Text to Columns icon under the DATA tab in Excel's top menu.
  3. Continue using either one of these two methods of slicing:
    1. Select the Delimited option if your data contains certain characters for separating columns (i.e. commas).
    2. Select the Fixed width option if each field has a certain character length.
  4. Click the Next button to proceed.
  5. Choose where the fields are to be separated.
    1. If you chose the Delimited option, select which characters are used as separators.
    2. If you chose the Fixed width option, determine the column borders by clicking on the preview window.
  6. Click the Next button when you're done.
  7. You can format the columns and select a Destination cell to specify where columns will begin.
  8. Click the Finish button to split the cells.

Excel will keep records of your actions and you can use Text to Columns feature rapidly when you update the data.