Turn Spreadsheets into Mobile Applications with SpreadsheetWEB







More and more people are accessing the Internet from their smartphones instead of their laptop or desktop computers. As a result, companies are forced to make their applications responsive and mobile-enabled, which isn’t always a simple process. Often, these companies have to rewrite entire applications to make them function appropriately on smartphones. This is especially challenging with Excel-based tools, where there can be dozens of tabs with thousands of rows and columns, enhanced with features like form controls, conditional formatting, and macros.

SpreadsheetWEB provides a solution to transform your classic Excel and VBA applications into responsive, mobile-enabled web applications using SpreadsheetWEB’s API. With some basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding, the spreadsheets that took weeks or months of resource time and effort to create won’t have to go to waste: they can become elegant web applications with minimal effort.

Maintain Excel Logic

Your Excel formulas and data remain intact. All future updates are performed in Excel format.

Cross Platform

Your application is accessible from any mobile or desktop device.

Database, Email, PDF Support

Built-in features simplify the development process. There are many APIs available to enhance your application.


Built-in Security

Built-in application and data-level security features available through a web-based interface.