When dealing with multiple questions that would require “yes/no” type of answers, you could create dozens of checkboxes. However, that really wouldn’t be very space efficient, and could make analyzing the data much harder as you might if you need to aggregate it. You now have the option to allow for multiple selections in both radio button and dropdown style inputs. The selected options will be highlighted with a different color in radio buttons, whereas dropdowns list items together in the input area.

One of the hardest things to nail down in web applications is the database integration. Connecting the database fields with the application elements can be tricky to code from scratch, but luckily SpreadsheetWEB already does all that work for you – an application database is generated automatically with a few clicks. This update mainly focuses on enhancing the user experience and providing more customization options for this powerful feature.

The data page can now be customized to contain any number of columns between 5 and 20, and you can also wrap the data that is being shown. This gives you the ability to shape the data page however you’d like, and make it fit perfectly for different use cases.

We’ve also brought custom notifications to designer applications. You can now set up automated email messages to be sent to your users if the saved records of an application meet certain criteria. The possibilities here are pretty much endless as the logic creation process is very elaborate, and allows you to pick from any data column or system field. For example, you can use this feature to remind your users that they need to check back on certain records that have been created some time ago, but weren’t touched since.

Google Analytics is ubiquitous because it provides unprecedented insight about website activity. You can now integrate your web applications with this service to evaluate user traffic and empower your processes. 

This update brought even more flexibility as to how you can interact with data you capture with your SpreadsheetWEB applications, and we hope that you’ll like these new features as much as we do. For a full list of changes, fixes, and new features, please see our user guide.

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