Transform spreadsheet based insurance operations to a secure, audit-able, web-enabled platform with SpreadsheetWEB







Spreadsheets are ubiquitous in the insurance industry. Developing rating and quoting tools, claim analysis and modeling, data collection, financial reporting are only some of the usages by the insurance organizations.

SpreadsheetWEB turns those insurance spreadsheets into secure, database driven, web-based applications owned and managed by business users.

Since these tools remain in a familiar spreadsheet environment, you will be able to continue making tweaks and revisions to your applications without the hassle of learning new coding languages or exhausting finances on internal/external technical support. In fact, all of this can be achieved without writing a single line of code.

Homeowners rater built from a rating workbook

The application below is built entirely on SpreadsheetWeb using an existing Excel rater. There is no coding involved in turning the underlying Excel workbook to this web application. The application also includes a PDF quote document generated on the last page after pressing "Get Quote" button.

The Pagos product transforms the everyday excel spreadsheet we all know how to use into a service-oriented, enterprise-grade rating and forms engine. It used to take us months to develop and deploy new programs. Now in a matter of days, we can deploy new programs to both our internal underwriters and our customer agents on the web
West McAdams

COO, Southern Risk LLC

We recognized the opportunity of providing the insurance advisory community with helpful tools necessary to add value to their employer clients. Pagos provided us the technology and business support solution that “checked all the boxes” of providing our spreadsheet based consulting applications to a much broader marketplace in a manner that made sense for our clients and customers.
Brian Blalock, FSA

Managing Director and Health Actuary, Verisight

We use to develop spreadsheets as internal tools to verify premium calculations from the field. We then expanded the use of such spreadsheets for a select group of clients who also wanted it for internal use. After a while, the word spread that we had such a tool, and then everybody wanted it for production use. Prior to the adoption of the Pagos platform, we would have to send updated versions of the spreadsheets to all of our clients, every time we needed to make a change. It became very cumbersome, and we had no control over which version people were using. The Pagos tool removes all of that headache, and now we have full control over the users, the version they are using, and we can implement new versions without them even knowing. It’s a superb tool.
Ed Young

Director, Reinsurance Management Associates (RMA), Inc.

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