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Simplifying application development and maintenance with SpreadsheetWEB

Developing and maintaining interactive web applications is costly and time consuming. This forces many governmental agencies and local governments to find alternative ways of solving their technological and automation needs. Often, they turn to the ubiquitous spreadsheet program, Microsoft Excel. The familiarity of most users with Excel, its low cost, and its adaptability to many data entry and calculation requirements makes it a natural initial choice for any automation solution. While being one of the most powerful tools in the hands of government agencies, spreadsheets come with severe risks and limitations for the organization including, but not limited to lack of security, version control and lack of governance.

SpreadsheetWEB turns those Excel tools into secure, database driven, web-based applications owned and managed by business users.

From a versatility standpoint, we can design tools by using Excel and then share those tools on the Web. From our utility perspective, that is invaluable
Frank P. Caruso
The Borough of Kutztown
Director of Information

This approach eliminates the risks and limitations of traditional spreadsheets and has the potential to save your organization countless hours of development. Since these tools remain in a familiar spreadsheet environment, you will be able to continue making tweaks and revisions to your applications without the hassle of learning new coding languages or exhausting finances on internal/external technical support. In fact, all of this can be achieved without writing a single line of code.

This video demonstrates how to design and deploy a web-based registration tool for local governments in a matter of minutes using SpreadsheetWEB. SpreadsheetWEB also allows government officials to manage and approve registrations through a user-friendly web interface.


SpreadsheetWEB Takes Municipal Services Online for the Borough of Kutztown, PA

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