Transform Spreadsheet based operations to a secure, auditable, web-enabled platform with SpreadsheetWEB

Spreadsheets are ubiquitous in the investment world. Spreadsheet software is a vital productivity tool for investment professionals worldwide. Every investment firm, regardless of size or country of origin, relies on spreadsheets for a number of tasks, including business critical operations. Although a powerful tool in the hands of investment professionals, spreadsheets come with severe risks and limitations for the organization. These include, but are not limited to; lack of security, version control and lack of governance and collaboration.

SpreadsheetWEB turns proprietary spreadsheet models into secure, web-based applications, by eliminating the risks and limitations. It also empowers business analysts, instantly transforming them into application developers, by reducing and in most cases eliminating dependence on expensive IT resources.

Spreadsheet Governance and Auditability

SpreadsheetWEB builds security around critical spreadsheets that may be accessed by many people. Role-based security models explicitly control who can read, edit and execute individual spreadsheets. Our software also provides a centralized audit trail, with usage information, on all spreadsheets in which business decisions are made.

Key Benefits:

Security of proprietary models
Spreadsheet governance and auditability
Seamless integration with other applications
Connection to external databases and flat files
Real-time data from market data providers
Automated workflow
Cell level data security
Eliminate spreadsheet errors and inefficiencies

Mobile Enabled

Keeping up with a mobile staff requires flexibility and BYOD capabilities. Your spreadsheets will be accessible by mobile devices, including; Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and Android components.

Tap the Power of the Cloud

Publish your spreadsheets through public or private cloud options. SpreadsheetWEB comes with a browser-based control panel, where you can manage who has access to your spreadsheets and audit their activities.

On-Demand Market Data

SpreadsheetWEB provides seamless integration of your spreadsheets with real-time market data providers, with no additional programming required. Business analysts can connect spreadsheets to either external or internal data sources.

Typical Applications:

Financial modeling
Client reporting
Data analysis
Portfolio analysis
Compliance reporting
Performance measurement

Data Integration

– Connect to internal databases
– Real-time market data from Thomson
Reuters, CapitalIQ, Xignite, Markit,

Data Integrity

– Configurable security roles
– Full auditability
– Controlled spreadsheet access
– Web-based management console


– Role based security
– Data encryption
– Restricted access to workbooks and data
– Integration with existing security infrastructure
– Built-in security model
– Single Sign-On


– Supports thousands of users
– High availability
– Vertical and horizontal scalability
– Fault tolerance
– Built-in load balancing features
– Virtualization support


– Built-in business intelligence
– Self-service report creation
– Advanced visualization features
– Drill-down


– API support
– Web services support
– Open data model