Cambridge, MA - January 5, 2016 - Pagos announces the release of SpreadsheetWEB 4.7, which includes features that enable the creation of fully-customizable mobile applications from Excel files.

More and more people have been accessing the Internet from their mobile devices. As a result, many web applications that are tailored for desktops need to be revised in order to work within the constraints of these devices. Creating mobile applications from Excel pose a series of unique challenges, such as smaller screens that limit the amount of concurrent content that can be displayed in the user interface. This is especially difficult to handle with applications such as spreadsheets; many spreadsheet-based tools like calculators and reports do not display appropriately when accessed from these devices.

In response to this precise limitation, SpreadsheetWEB 4.7 includes support for custom user interfaces. Using basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, developers are free to design their own custom UIs, which connect seamlessly to their spreadsheets in the back-end where their built-in business logic is executed. This means that a spreadsheet tool can be accessible from both mobile devices and desktops through the same interface. Custom UI capabilities also improve the end-user’s experience by creating more elegant and interactive interfaces. Far more advanced applications can be created from traditional spreadsheets when utilizing these features.

The 4.7 release of SpreadsheetWEB also includes support for a very popular Excel feature known as User Defined Formulas (UDF). This functionality allows users to create their own custom formulas that can be called from their Excel files. It also enabled SpreadsheetWEB applications to execute custom-built or third-party UDF libraries.

“Excel is great for building business logic, but – even with VBA – it has never been a particularly strong candidate when it comes to crafting elegant user interfaces. In this day and age, end-users expect more user-friendly and interactive applications, beyond anything that can be created with Excel alone,” said Ugur Kadakal, CEO of Pagos. “In response, we’ve extended SpreadsheetWEB to support custom user interfaces, enabling our users to utilize the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript when designing their web applications, while all back-end logic is still managed in Excel. These fully-customizable user interfaces will deliver a far superior user experience.”