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Entrepreneurs are big picture thinkers, they strive to solve problems with avant-garde solutions to vexing challenges they hope will translate into winning business models. While well-versed in their industry and keenly aware of the need for their product or service, many entrepreneurs lack the technical expertise to bring the idea to the end users.

For many product or service ideas, a prototype can be created easily in Excel. But in order to protect their intellectual property, and bring it to a larger audience, entrepreneurs often face a steep cost and a long process of creating a web or mobile application without even knowing if it is the right solution.

SpreadsheetWEB can turn those Excel prototypes into web applications without any programming. Entrepreneurs can test the viability of their idea on a large number of users through a web or mobile based delivery while protecting their intellectual property.

The entrepreneur is all about the idea, the concept and the potential while everyone else—their spouse, friends, relatives, bankers, financiers—wants to know one thing: will it be profitable?....Without SpreadsheetWEB, I would have spent tens of thousands of dollars on development to build the Coffee Break Financials system from scratch. It fits very well into the continuum of web-based application services that allow our users to work from anywhere—the office, at home or on the road.
Tom Gorman

President and Principal, Entrepreneurial Design, Inc.


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