Stock quote comparison can help you understand the correlation between different securities and hedge your portfolio accordingly. Securities that move very close to each other when the markets reach to events may not be a good way to add more diversification.

Excel is the perfect platform for performing pretty much any kind of investment analysis. Using spreadsheets makes it easy to run statistical operations and with recent updates in Excel, you can now pull live stock quotes with the click of a button. You will not have to keep updating your workbooks or use third-party services for this anymore.

What we have created here is a stock quote comparison template that can help you compare up to 10 stock market quotes side-by-side. You can enter up to 10 tickers and select a metric like opening price, closing price, or trading volume for the selected securities. The chart in the center will update when you enter a valid ticker. Then, select the Data Type and the Period you would like to plot the data.

Note that the tickers table are not case sensitive and adding the exchange ticker is completely optional (i.e., "AAPL" and "NASDAQ:aapl" will give the same result). Most popular stocks across the world and even some cryptocurrencies are supported in Excel and this stock quote comparison template.

You can download the Excel template by pressing the button below.

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