How much did you spend until last year, or what is the total of X until Y? SUMIF and SUMIFS functions can help you to sum values in your data tables.


=SUMIFS(values to sum range, date range, <maximum date)

=SUMIF(date range, <maximum date, values to sum range)


  1. Type in =SUMIFS(
  2. Select or type in the range reference that contains the cells to add (i.e. $H$3:$H$10)
  3. Select or type in the range reference that contains the date values you want to apply the criteria against (i.e. $C$3:$C$10)
  4. Enter the minimum date criteria with greater than operator "<1/1/2010"
  5. Type in ) and press Enter to complete the formula

Note: When using SUMIF, follow steps according to syntax of SUMIF.


Both functions can be used to sum values that meet a criteria. They search a given criteria in a criteria range, this processes result is an array of TRUE/FALSE. Ability to use criteria with logical operators, like less than (<), allows adding values between other values.

We used "<1/1/2012" criteria to define the minimum date and search is made on $C$3:$C$10.

=SUMIFS($H$3:$H$10,$C$3:$C$10, "<1/1/2012")

=SUMIF($C$3:$C$10, "<1/1/2012",$H$3:$H$10)

An alternative way to write this formula is by using cell references instead of static dates. For example, if your minimum date value is in cell K9, then the criteria would be “<”&K9.