The SpreadsheetWeb Hub is Here!

The Hub is the next phase of SpreadsheetWeb. We’ve been working on this system for more than three years already, built practically from the ground up with a highly performant and scalable new architecture. We’re confident that you’ll be able create some amazing new applications and workflows with the Hub.

We will continue maintaining and supporting our current Control Panel. Going forward, we will refer to the Control Panel product as our legacy platform. We will continue licensing it to new clients for private cloud and on-premises deployments, but any new public cloud clients will begin being redirected to the Hub.

We will help clients migrate their applications from our legacy platform to the Hub, free-of-charge. Note that the Hub has a completely different pricing structure and some clients may see reductions in their monthly bills, while others may see increases.

Welcome to Workspaces!

In the SpreadsheetWeb Hub, a workspace represents a collection of all your work: your applications, your tags, and your data. Effectively, all content that you create or contribute to will live under a workspace. You can belong to multiple workspaces, typically through invitation, but the system also allows for one free-tiered workspace per user.

When you create a SpreadsheetWeb Hub account, you will have your free-tiered workspace automatically generated, so you can explore our new platform and try the new features without having to pay any subscription or registration fee. The free-tiered workspace can act as a trial account but with one major distinction: you can use them forever! We are not imposing any time restrictions on our free workspaces.

If you decide to use the SpreadsheetWeb Hub long-term, you may decide to upgrade your free-tiered workspace to a paid subscription or add a new workspace that is specific to your needs. You can create multiple workspaces with different license packages, or you can be invited and participate in the development or consumption of apps across other users’ workspaces.

We currently offer three different license packages for our users –  you should be able to identify and subscribe to the most suitable package for your business in just a few minutes.

You can subsequently customize your workspaces, including upgrading, downgrading, or cancelling the license package.


Strike up a Conversation with Your Users

One of the exciting new features in the SpreadsheetWeb Hub is the "Conversation Module". Users who belong to a workspace will no longer need to send emails to one another or use a separate platform for application or record-related conversations!

You can utilize the Application and Data Chat features to track the history of an application or data record. Action context is interwoven into the conversation, so you’ll be able to see when an application transaction has been published, right in the midst of a discussion about the changes that are getting made to that application!

You can also send messages and make comments, request updates, or share files for an application or specific record!

Tag Everything!

In SpreadsheetWeb Hub, a Tag is a grouping structure that can represent anything: companies, roles, payment tiers… This is a completely flexible approach, so you may design a series of tags that are perfectly suited to your specific requirements.

You can use tags as a user role management system (e.g., data entry, manager), a set of statuses for data records (e.g., submitted, approved), or something altogether specific to your needs!

Tags can then be associated with users, applications, and data. When creating new users and you can then give rights to them using tags.

The configuration of Tags is fully customizable and entirely up to you! You can say that Jane can only access applications with one specific tag, or that John can edit data records that were submitted by users with specific tags.

You can even design applications powered by tags: when a user submits a record using a button control, you can have the button apply specific tags to the newly created or edited record, or even apply the submitting-user's tags.

Looking towards the future!

These are only some of the new features available throughout the Hub; we will be posting more articles to introduce you to some of the others over the coming days and weeks.

We also have a lot more in store for the new system – a slew of features from the legacy system will be making a comeback in new-and-improved forms, along with a variety of innovative new modules that we hope you’ll find as exciting as we do!

Stay tuned for new announcements on the future of the SpreadsheetWeb Hub by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

And in the meantime, check out our new help pages to learn more about the new system!