Entering your work times is usually not a fun task, especially if you're spending more time on it than the actual work itself. Some companies opt to use Microsoft Excel or similar tools for capturing this data, as some applications might require different state rules or other time calculation rules. Imagine how tedious this process can be if you had to enter everything in a spreadsheet and mail it around.

Some of the biggest challenges of time tracking applications include collecting the time cards from individuals, storing these files at a centralized and secure location, and then aggregating the information for reporting. You must also ensure that all end users have a compatible Excel installation on their PCs, otherwise they won't be able to interact with the tool at all.

A time tracking application created with SpreadsheetWEB is going to be scalable, and easily accessible by any user. This application essentially consists of 5 inputs where users can enter their details and in/out times. Once they fill out a timesheet, they can click Submit to save their data in the system.

time tracking

The application features a configurable list where the users can select from projects they worked on, as well as a time-picker input which streamlines hour entries. Admin users can access all saved data directly from the Data page, without actually going into the database.

Transforming a time tracking process into a web application allows for easier and faster data entry, groups everything inside a centralized database, and gives flexible access options to this platform from any device with a web browser.

Also check out the short video below to see how quickly you can establish this process using only your Excel skills!