One of the greatest strengths of SpreadsheetWeb, compared to other No-Code Development Platforms, is its ability to translate business logic from an Excel spreadsheet to a web application. As a result, you can build logic heavy web applications with great ease using SpreadsheetWeb. While it transforms the logic building, it still requires users to configure the user interface and the layout of the web application, and this means that you need to have an understanding of how SpreadsheetWeb works.

To cut down on this learning curve, and expedite the application development process, we have been working on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based approach for years by decoding the layout built in any Excel file. We are proud to finally have released this to our trial users! We believe our trial users will benefit the most from this approach by transforming their Excel files to web applications in a few clicks using an interactive wizard based interface.

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial account here.

The artificial intelligence driven application building process starts with uploading your file. At that point, the system determines what type of application category your workbook fits in. Based on our experience of almost 20 years of helping businesses to transform thousands of Excel files of all shape and form into web applications, we reduce typical use cases into one or a combination of three application categories: calculators, data collection applications, and dashboards. For example, if your workbook contains several inputs and outputs in a form layout connected with formula dependencies, the system might suggest creating a “calculator” application. If your file contains data in a database layout, with records in rows, and the data fields in column headers, the system will let you choose between “data collection” and “dashboard” application styles. Your choices in the first step will determine the overall application type.

Next, you can add save capabilities and have the system add the database tables for you automatically. You will also get a save button on every page of your web application.

Finally, you can add style-sheets by choosing from on of the built-in templates and publish the application. With a “wizard” style of approach to building the user interface, databases, and stylesheets, the AI-driven application creation process is very fast.

artificial intelligence

Note that you can always go back and edit your application – the AI approach is meant to reduce the initial workload and get your application together as soon as possible.

Currently, this exciting feature is available for our trial users only, and the AI can only handle smaller files, but we continue to improve it and open it to our other users as soon as possible. With this big step, our goal is to minimize the learning curve, and help you create elaborate web applications with the click of a button.

For a full list of changes and new features, please see the change log.