If you are struggling and wasting hours creating sales quotes; You are at the right place!

Successfully closing a sale is an important part of any salesperson’s job. But every sales process requires the right documents and introduction process to conduct effectively. Whether small or large, every business gives their customers prices for their products or services. There are several ways businesses can handle this. Sending sales quotations can be considered the best way to price negotiations and close sales deals. This means that creating sales quotes is a vital part of every sales process.

In this article, you will learn why sales quotes are vital to your business’ success and how to improve their efficiency.

What Is a Sales Quote?

A sales quote is simply a document that includes a detailed item-by-item price for products and services. A sales quote is a formal statement. However, is not a legally binding contract, but rather a formal notice of the estimated price; a mutual understanding in the form of a document between the seller and the buyer.

A sales quote introduces your business to potential clients and provides them with a quick reference of your prices for products or services. It tells potential clients how much your product or service will cost. It also includes any special pricing or discount. An effective sales quote can help establish a business relationship and allows a customer or lead to decide whether they want to work with or purchase items from that company.

Creating a sales quote can take only a few minutes when the right information is available. Businesses can create sales quotes on paper, in a word document, as a spreadsheet or they can use special software designed for this purpose. With the technology, businesses stopped using papers and start digitalizing.

Today, most sales departments prefer creating sales quotes in a flexible and easily maintainable platform to manage complex calculations and logical operations without having to rely on programmers. This process must be agile and modifiable, so that new products can be added quickly, without weeks or months of development work. Those requirements make spreadsheets an excellent solution since they can handle complex logical systems while still being flexible enough to accommodate quick modifications and enhancements.

How SpreadsheetWeb Can Help to Improve Efficiency?

SpreadsheetWeb is a No-Code platform that gives businesses the ability to turn spreadsheets into full-blown web applications. SpreadsheetWeb offers businesses the ability to turn their pricing spreadsheets into quoting applications, with total support for the spreadsheet’s calculations and a variety of extensible features. These applications conceal the entire calculation algorithm, protecting sensitive proprietary logic from end users.

Businesses can create professional sales quotes in minutes not in hours or days and impress customers, but how can businesses optimize their sales process and eliminate inefficiencies by creating their sales quoting and pricing applications on SpreadsheetWeb?

Most businesses create their sales quotes in Excel. The primary reason for most sales departments to use Excel for quoting is the ability to create extensive and highly customizable pricing logic. With SpreadsheetWeb, businesses use their Excel spreadsheets as their underlying source, and they maintain their pricing calculations built in Excel and execute the same calculations through a web application without Excel.

With SpreadsheetWeb, businesses can always keep their prices, products and services updated for everyone! They can empower their sales team to offer the best possible product configuration and price without going through complex spreadsheets.

Using SpreadsheetWeb integration with popular CRM systems, businesses can streamline their sales process by connecting their quoting data to the CRM system they are using with the click of a button.

An effective sales quote establishes business relationships and allows a client or lead to decide whether they want to work with or purchase items from that company. Even though creating a sales quote can take only a few minutes when the right information is available, creating sales quotes is a vital part of every sales process.

SpreadsheetWeb provides businesses with a new way to handle sales quotes. With SpreadsheetWeb, businesses can convert pricing spreadsheets from Excel into web applications with all of their calculations and formulas intact and create attractive, winning quotes for their potential clients in minutes.