SpreadsheetWeb has seen one of its biggest updates ever.

We’ve completely overhauled the control panel and turned it into a responsive, mobile-enabled platform. Every change has been made with the end user in mind; intuitive controls, less crowded tabs and a simplified page layout. Designing web applications and maintaining a database has never been easier. With its new color scheme and page structure, here is the new SpreadsheetWeb on desktop:


Rewind two versions; we added custom UI support for responsive and mobile-friendly web design. Even though web applications were accessible from mobile, the same wasn’t true for data and application maintenance. Now, all aspects of SpreadsheetWeb have been made accessible through mobile devices. We’re confident that this will come in handy for scenarios like sales people creating quotes, or contractors submitting their timesheets on the go.

From page transitions to data queries, all functions have been reworked and refined. Now, the same controls and pages are available on any device. The new user interface looks much simpler, while laying all essential controls at your fingertips.


This update also introduced new API methods to allow for even more communication options between web applications, databases and other applications.

Finally, 5.0 features an improved calculation engine and all backend operations now run faster than ever.

Since its launch 10 years ago, our aim has always been to make SpreadsheetWeb available to all types of users and provide a smooth experience in automating data tasks. We believe that we took another big step in the right direction with this update.

We hope you will enjoy the new face of the software as much as we do.