Since its introduction in version 6.11, the Connectors module has been empowering your web applications with the ability to integrate popular services and platforms. With 6.13, SpreadsheetWEB has just gained three new connectors: DocuSign, HubSpot, and Twilio.

When you think of CRM’s, HubSpot is one of the first that comes to mind. They are widely-popular and used by many organizations for a good reason. Companies manage and track their contacts, plan marketing campaigns, and analyze their operations in one place. The “contacts” on the HubSpot platform is one of the most frequently used features in sales. Now, you can create HubSpot contacts directly from your SpreadsheetWEB applications with the new connector.

All you need to do is define the fields to be used in the contact form! Every time a user fills out the corresponding fields and presses the action button, a contact will be created automatically under your HubSpot account.

Law firms, real estate companies, and many other organizations today, almost exclusively use electronic signature systems. DocuSign is one of the leading companies that transformed the way we sign documents. This approach is far more secure and extremely convenient, while also helping save the planet by reducing paper waste.

SpreadsheetWEB has long allowed creating printable documents in web applications. These dynamic documents are created seamlessly, and can also print fields from the underlying workbook. With the addition of the DocuSign connector, you can now also send those documents to your users to be signed, and then send to another address to co-sign, all automatically with the click of one button. Any number of documents can be sent to any number of recipients means that you can now tie an entire pipeline of paper work - creation, transfer, approval, and storage - in one place.

Very few communication methods are more personable than SMS. Emails can easily get lost in a stream, but an SMS is hard to miss due to the fact that it pops on your phone screen. Obviously, we are talking about using SMS on a business setting, and Twilio is a very popular service that allows creating text messages programmatically. With SpreadsheetWEB’s new Twilio connector, you can use your Twilio account and integrate it with your web applications. This means that you can bind a send SMS action into a button in your web application, and a message will be sent when that button is pressed!

In this version, we’ve also made considerable improvements to our calculation engine and squashed some bugs. We hope that you’ll like these exciting new features as much as we do! For a full list of changes, updates, and new features, please see the change log.

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