Since its addition in 6.0, the designer module has proven to be an excellent tool for creating professional looking web applications filled with features. We’ve been constantly updating the designer to give our users the best experience possible, while ensuring that it can handle as many business challenges as possible.

In SpreadsheetWeb 6.2 release, we’ve introduced new UI controls and enhancements to the print and email processes. Now available is a slider type of input users can interact with to enter numeric values. This control is especially useful for when you want your users to be able to understand the maximum and minimum limits, while being able to enter values at predetermined increments.

The second new input control is a list box style for radio button. Following the same principles of a radio button, a list box control only allows one selection to be made from a set of options.

One of the most important additions in SpreadsheetWeb 6.2 is recursive print processes. This feature allows creating repeating export documents based on a table named range. This way, you can create dynamic export files that will be generated one page after the other. As you can imagine, this can be a lifesaver for when you need to create an export of similar looking pages. Take creating invitations for example. There would be only slight variations between each invitation, like names and addresses. With a single template containing those fields as stubs, you can now create one print process that repeats as many times as needed.

That’s not all! You can now control print and email processes through workbook logic to enable or disable them based on certain criteria. Also, background images can now be inserted into web applications to give UI pages a more customized look.

SpreadsheetWeb 6.2 has introduced many new features that complement the already powerful UI controls of the designer. We hope that you’ll like these new features as much as we do. For a full list of changes, fixes, and new features please see our user guide.

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