SpreadsheetWEB has been shipping with its own built-in data visualizations tools for years now. Collecting data with your applications, and then creating dashboards using that data effortlessly is a boon for every SpreadsheetWEB user. With version 6.3, we had introduced a brand-new reporting and analysis tool. Now, the new Dashboard is leaving Beta and completely replacing the ‘old’ Dashboard Reports to consolidate dashboards. This way, we can focus all our efforts into enhancing this tool to bring you a seamless experience.

Filters also saw some considerable changes and are now come in various types. See for yourself!

You can also now lock or pin individual filters or filter options to limit which filters can be accessed by your end users. Pre-applied filters will help focus your users on the important data, while pinned filters will be available even in read-only dashboards for better user interaction.

On the designer applications front, you can now choose to hide certain rows in input and output grids by tying them to a Boolean field. When you think about it, this means that you can create fully dynamic tables and manipulate them using Excel formulas.

We also thought that gauges would be a nice addition to designer applications and implemented them for use with any numeric data field. After all, they are one of the best ways to show key performance indicators and other similar metrics in a neat format.

Adding variety to our existing tools to make every web application unique, we gave slider, radio button, and dropdown input controls exciting new styles to choose from.

SpreadsheetWEB has become an ever-growing platform where anyone proficient with Excel can create compelling web applications and dashboards. We hope that you’ll like these new features as much as we do. For a full list of changes, fixes, and new features, please see our user guide.

Our trial system has also seen an overhaul and now it’s easier than ever to get started with SpreadsheetWEB. Sign up for a 30-day free account and jump into action in no time!

Also see our video below for a demonstration of all new features!