Discover the latest enhancements that have arrived in SpreadsheetWeb Hub for August 2023!

We're excited to introduce new features to make your experience more dynamic and efficient. From user-friendly templates designed to simplify complex tasks to adding Script capabilities, Description Features, and the ability to welcome users with messages, the new features are all about enhancing usability.

You can also personalize labels and include Vis Widgets for an enriched Dashboard experience. Let's dive into what these new features bring and explore how they can elevate your SpreadsheetWeb Hub journey!


Templates on SpreadsheetWeb Hub offer a dynamic range of pre-built solutions designed to streamline tasks, enhance productivity, and elevate your data management. These templates encompass a variety of purposes, from financial calculations to project management. By utilizing these templates, you can use the power of SpreadsheetWeb Hub's capabilities to simplify complex processes, make informed decisions, and achieve your goals efficiently.

With customizable features, these templates can be tailored to suit your unique requirements. SpreadsheetWeb Hub provides the tools to adjust formulas, configurations, and layouts, allowing you to align the templates precisely with your business processes. Whether you're looking to optimize your data search with intelligent search tools or visualize complex data patterns with interactive graphs, these templates empower you to take control of your data in ways that fit your needs;

The Simple Invoice Template offers a hassle-free way to create professional invoices swiftly. Quickly generate well-designed invoices reflecting your business's professionalism, complete with Company Information, Invoice Details, and Order Details sections.

The Weekly Timesheet Template is a versatile Excel-based tool for efficient time tracking. Customize it by specifying breaks, selecting the week's start day, and more.


In pursuit of providing unparalleled control, we're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking addition to our professional workspaces - the Script editor! While currently in BETA, this feature empowers professional workspaces with an unparalleled level of runtime control.

With the ability to set and retrieve values, manipulate the user interface, and delve into advanced functionalities, the Script editor opens doors to extensive customization. It's essential to note that this is an advanced tool, recommended for scenarios where the robust capabilities of the SpreadsheetWeb Designer require a further layer of control.One prominent application of this scripting feature is in the realm of conditional formatting, where two controls dynamically alter their background colors based on values, toggling between vivid green and striking red to reflect different outcomes.

Vis Widget

Introducing the Vis Widget – the latest addition to our powerful toolkit. This versatile widget empowers users to seamlessly translate daily, monthly, and quarterly data into insightful charts, including Timeline, Activity by User, and Activity by Application. The Timeline chart provides a dynamic line graph for a comprehensive overview of workspace activities, while the Activity by Application chart showcases application-related actions in bar or pie charts. Additionally, the Activity by User chart simplifies tracking and analyzing user interactions. Uncover data-driven insights by effortlessly adding the Vis Widget to your dashboard, selecting the desired visualization type, and configuring settings. Elevate your data strategies and explore a new realm of visualization possibilities with the Vis Widget.

In addition to these exciting new features, we've implemented a range of improvements and bug fixes that aim to enhance our platform's overall performance and user experience. For a comprehensive list of all the updates, head over to our 'Build Notes' page. We deeply value our user feedback and are continuously working to refine and perfect our services.

In August 2023, we're thrilled to unveil a series of new features that enrich your experience with SpreadsheetWeb Hub. These enhancements reflect our commitment to empowering you with versatile tools that enable effortless customization, deeper insights, and enhanced user interaction. Embrace the future of spreadsheet-powered applications with the latest innovations in SpreadsheetWeb Hub!