We are thrilled to announce the latest set of features and enhancements that have arrived, further enriching your experience with SpreadsheetWeb Hub. In this blog post, we'll delve into the exciting advancements that will empower you to streamline application development, bolster security measures, customize your Hub environment, and embrace the potential of dynamic dropdowns. Join us as we dive into the cutting-edge updates that propel SpreadsheetWeb Hub to new heights of productivity and innovation.

Various improvements in Automated App Creation Feature

SpreadsheetWeb's Automated App Creation (AAC) feature has significantly improved, providing a smoother and more efficient application development process. Let's explore two noteworthy enhancements that greatly enhance the AAC functionality:

Superheader Detection in Grids

Managing multitier headers (super headers) within tables can be challenging. However, with the latest update, SpreadsheetWeb's AAC automatically detects superheaders during app creation. For example, the table below has a three-tier header in Excel. Detecting this type of header programmatically is not easy.

This feature simplifies the conversion of complex, Excel files containing tables with multi-tier headers, into intuitive and user-friendly web applications. Users can seamlessly transform their intricate spreadsheet designs into powerful web-based solutions by recognizing and accommodating super headers.

Enhanced Grid Detection

AAC has now been equipped with superior grid detection capabilities, further streamlining the conversion of Excel files into functional web applications. During the conversion process, AAC can accurately identify tabular structures and assign them to grid controls more precisely. This improvement ensures a seamless transition from traditional spreadsheet-based data to interactive and dynamic web applications. With improved grid detection, users can swiftly harness the potential of their Excel data, transforming it into powerful web-based tools that facilitate data management, analysis, and collaboration.

By incorporating these enhancements into the Automated App Creation feature, SpreadsheetWeb continues to empower users with intuitive and efficient methods for transforming their spreadsheets into robust web applications. These improvements save time and enhance the user experience, enabling users to effortlessly navigate and interact with their applications while benefiting from the advantages of web-based accessibility and collaboration.

Enforced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

At SpreadsheetWeb, we prioritize the security of our users' data, and we are thrilled to introduce the Enforced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature in SpreadsheetWeb Hub. This powerful addition further strengthens the authentication process, ensuring a robust layer of protection for your sensitive information.

Hub administrators can now enforce MFA for all users, bolstering the authentication process and enhancing data security. This feature is exclusively available in private cloud and server licenses, ensuring maximum control over user access.

Hub Menu Customizations

Designed with administrators in mind, this powerful functionality enables you to customize the menu structure within Hub, ensuring a personalized experience that aligns with your organization's branding and workflow requirements.

Hub Menu Customizations allow administrators to configure the menu structure according to their organization's requirements. This feature empowers administrators to streamline navigation by rearranging menu items, creating custom menus, and organizing sections to suit their unique workflows. By tailoring the menu structure, administrators can optimize the user experience, improving efficiency and ensuring a seamless user journey within the Hub.

Hub Menu Customizations play a crucial role in white-labelling efforts, allowing organizations to align the appearance of the Hub with their branding guidelines.

Administrators can selectively hide certain sections and create a cohesive and consistent user interface that reflects their brand identity. This enables organizations to present a unified and professional image to their users, enhancing brand recognition and reinforcing their commitment to a personalized experience.

Hub Menu Customizations are exclusively available in SpreadsheetWeb's private cloud and server licenses. This ensures that organizations with these licenses have the advantage of tailoring the Hub's menu structure to their specific needs and enhancing the user experience for their users.

Detection Of Formula Based List Validations İn Dropdown Controls

The latest update to SpreadsheetWeb introduces a breakthrough feature: detecting formula-based list validations in dropdown controls. Excel users are familiar with embedding formulas within data validation cells as shown in the screenshot below, enabling dynamic dropdown options that adapt to changes in the underlying Excel file. Until now, SpreadsheetWeb excluded these embedded formulas within data validation controls. However, with this release, the platform automatically detects these formulas during application creation, enabling users to create applications with dependent dropdowns effortlessly.

This enhancement unlocks new possibilities for building complex applications with dynamic dropdown functionality. Imagine a scenario where a dropdown list of products depends on the selection made in another dropdown for product categories. Previously, implementing such dependent dropdowns in SpreadsheetWeb required manual intervention. However, with the detection of formula-based list validations, users can now seamlessly convert their Excel files into web applications that maintain the dynamic dropdown behavior.

The July 2023 update for SpreadsheetWeb Hub introduces exciting features and enhancements that elevate the platform's capabilities. With improved super header and grid detection in Automated App Creation, users can effortlessly convert complex Excel tables into intuitive web applications. The introduction of Enforced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) strengthens data security, providing an additional layer of protection for sensitive information. Hub Menu Customizations allow administrators to customize the menu structure, optimizing user experience and supporting white-labelling efforts. Lastly, detecting formula-based list validations in dropdown controls empowers users to easily create dynamic applications, replicating Excel's dynamic dropdown functionality in web applications.

With these advancements, SpreadsheetWeb Hub continues enhancing productivity, security, and customization options, providing comprehensive application development and data management solution.

In addition to these exciting new features, we've implemented a range of improvements and bug fixes that aim to enhance our platform's overall performance and user experience. For a comprehensive list of all the updates, head over to our 'Build Notes' page. We deeply value our user feedback and are continuously working to refine and perfect our services.