At SpreadsheetWeb, our main goal is to help businesses like yours by providing strong and reliable tools that make difficult tasks easier, boost productivity, and improve the way you handle your data. We are constantly working to make your experience better, and with each new release, we aim to introduce features and enhancements that will help you reach your goals in a smoother and more effective way. So, let's dive into what's fresh and exciting in SpreadsheetWeb Hub this September 2023!

Expanded Template Library

Our ever-growing library of templates is a treasure trove of pre-built solutions designed to cater to various business needs. Whether you're in finance, project management, or any other field, our templates are here to streamline your tasks and provide valuable insights.

We're excited to announce the addition of 30 new templates across various categories. These templates can be easily customized to fit your unique requirements. With the flexibility to adjust formulas, configurations, and layouts, you have the power to align them precisely with your business processes. Whether you need intelligent search tools for data optimization or interactive graphs for visualizing complex data patterns, our templates are designed to help you take control of your data in ways that suit your needs.

Script Improvements

Scripts are an integral part of SpreadsheetWeb, allowing you to add custom functionality to your applications. In our latest update, we've introduced a new feature that makes script management even more accessible. You can now download script snippets with various examples provided by our team.

For instance, consider an application that generates random numbers between 1 and 10. With the new snippet download feature, you can access a script that dynamically sets the background colors of cells based on the generated random numbers. Cells are colored green if the number is between 1 and 3, yellow if it's between 4 and 7, and red if it's between 8 and 10. Explore this application and try it out for yourself!

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Feature

We understand the importance of managing and tracking your applications efficiently, especially in private cloud and server license environments. That's why we've introduced a new Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) feature that allows you to manage and download DES files for published transactions from the Designer Interface.

This feature provides greater control and visibility over your applications, helping you streamline your workflow and ensure your transactions are handled smoothly. Please note that the ALM feature is exclusively available in private cloud and server licenses.

In September 2023, we're thrilled to unveil a series of new features that enrich your experience with SpreadsheetWeb Hub. We hope these new features and improvements enhance your experience with SpreadsheetWeb Hub and contribute to your business's success. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future as we continue to evolve and innovate to meet your needs.