SpreadsheetWeb Hub is developing more and more every day to provide a better experience to our users. We are constantly adding new features to the SpreadsheetWeb Hub platform and always working hard to carry these features for the better. In this week's article, we are happy to tell you about the new features and improvements of SpreadsheetWeb Hub!

Wizard Tracking Navigation

Applications that require users to enter information, that contains multiple pages and steps, may sometimes be confusing. Users may want to see which step they are at, how many more pages they need to progress, or whether they skipped any steps while entering information. Our new Wizard Tracking Navigation feature, which will eliminate such problems is now live!

A Wizard or Wizard Tracking Navigation is a step-by-step process that allows users to enter the information that needs to be entered in a certain sequence, and the next steps may depend on the information entered in the previous ones. With the Wizard Tracking Navigation, users can navigate between pages with buttons and can see which steps they are at from the navigation bar at the top of the page as they progress through pages.

You can enable Wizard Tracking Navigation to display all the application pages as a tracker at the top of the application during runtime from the Pages Module. All you need to do is;

  1. Go to Pages Module,
  2. Edit a Page,
  3. Check ‘Use Wizard Tracking’ checkbox,
  4. Click on ‘Update Page’ button.

PS: make sure to check Wizard Tracking for every page in the application UI. Also, Wizard Tracking can only be used if Navigation Bar Orientation is selected as ‘None’ or ‘Top’.

URL and Image Support for Grids

Using Grids for multiple purposes is indispensable for Excel users. The appearance of the grids used can take the user experience to another level. That's why we're introducing our new URL and Image support feature to improve and liven up your grids! With this feature, you can embed URLs or images in the input or output grids that are being used in applications and can offer more professional applications to your users.

Updates on the Automated App Generation

We have also added many new features to our Automated App Generation feature, which has recently gone live! If you do not know about our Automated App Generation feature yet, you can take look at our Help Page and our article dedicated to it.

The Automated App Generation feature is developed for our users to create their applications easily and quickly. This feature was originally designed to create the User Interface of applications. Automated App Generation now also gives our users the ability to automatically create databases, add save buttons and select stylesheets! There are also some minor improvements for performance-related changes, reworking our new automated application generation preview to better represent the final product and better support for labels and charts.

SpreadsheetWeb Hub offers Excel users an opportunity to move their Excel files to another level. New features Wizard Tracking, URL and image support for grids and improvements to the Automated App Generation feature are just a few of the things that you can try on the SpreadsheetWeb Hub and take your experience further. To explore our platform and stay tuned for new announcements on the future of the SpreadsheetWeb Hub, check out our help pages and blog posts to learn more!