Businesses today have to rely on Microsoft Excel for their data tasks, because it has an easy learning curve and tons of readily available tools to create a complicated model. SpreadsheetWEB is the ultimate supplement to Excel; it plugs in the technological limitations such as data security and scalability. With every version, we try to push the limits of the existing technology and make the life of everyday professionals a lot easier.

In this update, we introduced workbook pre-loading (Auto Load). Essentially, an application with Auto Load enabled, will be pre-loaded when the server starts. This results in a considerable performance improvement when applied to complicated documents.

One of the most exciting updates of this version is API Whitelisting. Have a document that’s only intended for a certain branch of your company, or just want to block an IP? SpreadsheetWEB now offers even more security options, where you can limit access from specific domains or IP addresses.

In order to grant more flexibility and create new ways for you to control your processes, we also added new API methods to enhance user management. Developers can utilize API services and connect their spreadsheet models to other applications.

These changes further consolidated SpreadsheetWEB’s collaborative environment and created new ways to automate your data making it a great supplement to Excel. We hope you are just as excited as we are to see SpreadsheetWEB becoming a stand-alone IT department. Make sure you check our website regularly for updates and new tutorials!