Input grids are inherently challenging to work with when it comes to web applications. Limited real estate on mobile device screens, and the lack of appropriate controls make it hard for users to enter data into large tables. In SpreadsheetWEB 6.4, we’ve added a completely new way to interact with input grids – Form Based Input methods. This marvelous new feature can be enabled from the Type of Input Method section of an input grid.

What's New in SpreadsheetWEB 6.4

Enabling this option will add new controls to the top of the input grid to allow creating, editing, or deleting any rows. The screenshot on the left is from an input grid with Form Based method applied. When the user clicks New or Edit buttons, the system generates a form that consists of the input fields coming from the grid, like shown with the screenshot on the right. This structure allows the web application to fit almost any number of fields from a grid. Users can seamlessly transition from one field to the other, and edit their data. When a new row is added, it will be inserted into the table.

We released a remastered version of the dashboards in the previous version of SpreadsheetWEB. In addition to providing more charts, diagrams, and maps for visualizing data, this new component also gave SpreadsheetWEB dashboards a new elegant look. In version 6.4, we built upon this idea and are introducing animations and multiples features for all available visualizations! Instead of creating the same visualization over and over for multiple years, for example, you can now just create one chart, and use a year field for multiples parameter to create those variations. The result is a visualization that can pack an entire trend in one graph.

What's New in SpreadsheetWEB 6.4

Animations breath a new life into already nice-looking visualizations by switching between the items of a column of your choice. For example, you can display the changes of your sales figures over years by selecting the year parameter as the animation field. You can also configure the animation to display at a predetermined frequency, or even add special effects.

We’re constantly building on our promise of providing Excel users better tools to create, share, and manage their projects. We hope that you’ll like these new features as much as we do. For a full list of changes, fixes, and new features, please see our user guide.

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