The Connectors module, which was added in the previous version, was intended to allow SpreadsheetWEB users to integrate their applications with web services, in a matter of a few minutes, without any coding whatsoever. We had started with two Connectors, and the list of available services is only going to keep expanding in the future.

This nifty module now welcomes the addition of three new members – SalesForce, Slack, and Dropbox. Connecting your SpreadsheetWEB applications to other third-party services you came to use everyday has never been easier.

SalesForce is typically the go-to service for generating and keeping track of leads. Its popularity among sales teams has made it a staple in most operations. With the SalesForce connector, you can now create leads directly through SpreadsheetWEB applications automatically. This means less data entry, and more actual sales work!

Positioned as a direct competitor of the traditional emailing, Slack is now widely used as the primary means of communication inside many organizations. It’s essentially a quicker and more responsive version of sending messages on a professional level. For when email notifications are not fast enough, with the new Slack connector you can now post messages in any Slack channels under your account, straight from your web applications.

Don’t like keeping your files on the database, and would rather have everything on the cloud? Our third connector added in this version takes the concept of centralized file management to the next level with Dropbox integration. You can now easily upload the resulting Print or Excel process documents into a Dropbox folder automatically.

The connectors may be the star of this update, but that’s not all! As impractical as it might be, people use different annotations for thousands and decimal separators around the world. For example, 1,000 and 1.000 may not be the same values in two different continents. For this, in 6.12, we’ve also introduced the concept of Culture. Not in the sense you might think though. The Culture in SpreadsheetWEB allows you to select between various number display options.


We hope that you’ll like these exciting new features as much as we do. For a full list of changes, updates, and new features, please see the change log.

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