Dashboards have always been an integral part of SpreadsheetWEB. The software ships with its own built-in data visualization platform. Visualizing the data you collect with your web applications, then creating reports has always been an appealing bonus. We then thought, why not take it another step further, and decided to overhaul the dashboards in SpreadsheetWEB.

Currently in its beta version, the new dashboard platform is also included in all licenses of SpreadsheetWEB. This new tool features 12 charts, 25 diagrams, 7 maps, 4 gauges, and 2 data tables, each offering a unique and intuitive way to present your data. Designed with both desktop and mobile users in mind, the new dashboard module is responsive and can be accessed easily from any device with a web browser.

Another important features added in this update is Excel export support for the designer. You can now choose Excel for export type in print processes to get a customized export spreadsheet. Just like in Word and PDF options, you can insert stubs to include data fields from your application in the export page.

In addition to these great features, we also optimized and enhanced our calculation engine. SpreadsheetWEB now supports 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns, which basically is Excel’s absolute limit. The overall calculation logic has been revised and memory footprint of the software reduced to see significant improvements in performance.

This update has introduced many new features that add to all the great features SpreadsheetWEB brings to table and we hope that you’ll like these new tools as much as we do. For a full list of changes, fixes, and new features please see our user guide.

Remember to sign up for a free trial account if you haven’t already done so and transform your Excel spreadsheets into web applications with a few clicks!