Following in 5.0’s footsteps, SpreadsheetWeb 5.1 comes with several enhancements to the user experience and other perks. Driven by the needs of our users, our goal has always been to evolve SpreadsheetWeb into an easy-to-use platform that everyday business users can utilize to create scalable and elegant web tools.

This version introduces a new interface for the conversion wizard. With scalable windows, a color scheme that matches our new control panel and a more intuitive layout; we’re confident you’re going to love the new wizard.


One of the biggest updates in this version is single sign-on (SSO) support. You can now control access to all your software systems with one authentication thanks to the identity-provider initiated (IDP) federated services integration.

With this version, we’ve also added the ability to configure password policies on a site-level. Need HIPAA-level passwords? You can now enforce such requirements from the administration panel.


An analytics page that uses geo-location information of users to plot a map, new API methods, an enhanced PayPal integration and performance improvements are among some of the new features that came with this version.

SpreadsheetWeb has been an invaluable tool in helping businesses tap into their expertise in Microsoft Excel. Making this a seamless experience has always been our goal throughout all development phases. We hope you’ll like this update as much as we do.