Where do we even start? The software has shown tremendous expansion since its launch over a decade ago. Along with several technical enhancements, we also added a completely new way to create web applications. Enter the designer.

In one of its biggest updates to date, we added a designer module to SpreadsheetWEB control panel that is going to redefine the way you create web applications. With the designer, it’s extremely easy to build responsive pages. The module automatically detects all named ranges from your spreadsheet and makes them available in the builder interface. The name ranges are critical to the designer because that’s how the user interface will interact with the underlying spreadsheet. Add controls, database, and stylesheets from the designer and you will get a responsive web page in no time.

Having an alternate to the Excel add-in approach also means that you don’t even need to have Excel installed on your computer anymore. Login to your account, have your Excel model ready, and you can start building your application right off the bat.

The designer is available in the control panel from the same menu where you create new web applications. Simply select Designer and upload your spreadsheet.

When you create a designer application, you will be directed to the designer module where you can see the overview of pages, database, and user interface settings. Drag-and-drop style user interface builder is intuitive and very easy to use.

Web applications created with this module also allow for custom stylesheets. You can choose from the available templates, or simply code your own CSS script to modify the look and feel of your applications.

That’s not all! We also revised our calculation engine and added support for even more Excel formulas. The new engine offers significant performance improvements and memory optimization. We guarantee you will feel the difference in page loading and calculations.

This update has brought a lot to the table. We at Pagos believe that SpreadsheetWEB has taken another big step towards offering our users an easy to use platform to publish and share their Excel models.

Sign up for a free trial account if you haven’t already done so and experience a completely new and convenient way to build web applications.