Making Sense of Your Data

There is no doubt that Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used software for Data Visualization (DV) purposes. While Excel is a general business software, its flexibility and ease of use makes it popular for data analysis with millions of users worldwide. Most people with commercial or corporate backgrounds have developed a proficient Excel skillset. This makes Excel the ultimate self-service DV platform. One of the most important facets of any DV platform is web enablement and collaboration. It is important for business users to be able to create their own dashboards but it is equally important for them to be able to distribute those dashboards securely over the web.

SpreadsheetWEB turns those spreadsheets into secure, centralized, web-based dashboards owned and managed by business users. This approach eliminates the risks and limitations of traditional spreadsheets and has the potential to save your organization countless hours of development. Since these tools remain in a familiar spreadsheet environment, you will be able to continue making tweaks and revisions to your dashboards without the hassle of learning new coding languages or exhausting finances on internal/external technical support. In fact, all of this can be achieved without writing a single line of code.

There is an absolute need in today’s data-rich world to provide information as efficiently as possible. One truly efficient way to do this is by providing people with busy schedules with intuitive, easily understood matrices and dashboards. Pagos provided the technology and business support solution that allowed us to share information in a way that made sense to our higher education community. The ease of accessing and using the data encouraged its inclusion in the informed-decision making process.

Carmen Panlilio

Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management, New Jersey City University


New Jersey City University Implements Interactive Enrollment Dashboards with SpreadsheetWEB

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