SpreadsheetWeb Customers

Learn about the thousands of Excel users around the world using SpreadsheetWeb to build and manage web application without any coding or reliance on IT resource

“It’s hard enough to model complex investment products and decisions. Imbedding the models into a web application takes complexity to the next level. And until recently, being able to tailor your models to the unique requirements of each firm, and deploy complex mathematical changes in near-real-time, was a near impossibility. With Pagos’ SpreadsheetWEB platform, we now can address needs that nobody else can meet. It gives us – and any Pagos client – a huge market advantage.”

Stu Speckman

President, Broker Village

“To develop this system on Ruby would have been at least $80,000 to $100,000, but with SpreadsheetWEB, I could convert from Excel to a web app literally in minutes. SpreadsheetWEB is the best kept secret for working with spreadsheets of any kind. And, the company is great to work with.”

Tom Gorman

President and Principal, Entrepreneurial Design, Inc.