Transform Proprietary Financial Models into Secure Web Applications

In today’s competitive business environment, business processes are becoming more complex than ever. In order to gain the competitive edge, companies need to build financial models that will allow them to better understand the market and make knowledgeable decisions regarding the future of their businesses.

Companies build complex pricing models that allow them to offer the most competitive pricing for their products and services. Other companies develop financial and risk analysis models. The complexity of these models varies greatly depending on the industry and business units. Traditionally, spreadsheet software has provided an ideal platform for building even the most complex of these models.

SpreadsheetWEB can transform those financial models and turn them into powerful and secure web-based financial tools that can be accessed from any device. It secures your propriety model and data by allowing end users to execute the model without seeing the underlying algorithms and data.

We recognized the opportunity of providing the insurance advisory community with helpful tools necessary to add value to their employer clients. Pagos provided us the technology and business support solution that “checked all the boxes” of providing our spreadsheet based consulting applications to a much broader marketplace in a manner that made sense for our clients and customers

Brian Blalock

Managing Director and Health Actuary, Verisight, Inc.


Find out how Verisight turned a propriety financial model into a secure, web application with SpreadsheetWEB.

This video demonstrates how SpreadsheetWEB can convert a financial model in Excel to a web application.

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